• 1977 Drought 3/1/1977

    Lack of rain and grave water problems
    • In Clarendon - The severe drought affected the sugar fields in St. Catherine resulting in sparsely populated cane roots and numerous burnt out areas. Some fields were completely burnt out. The Sugar Industry lost a total of 40 000 tons of sugar valued at J$10 800 000 at the end of the 1976/1977 crop.
    • St. Thomas-The severe drought in St. Thomas resulted in the loss of cash crops and grans. These crops included corn. vegetables paw-paws and peas.

  • January 14, 1907

    Earthquake damage at Kingston, and surrounding territory. Buff Bay was destroyed. Waves noted at Hope Bay, Orange Bay, Sheerness Bay and Saint Anns Bay. At Annotto Bay, an observer reported the sea receded 73 to 93m, dropping 3 to 3.7m below normal sea level. The returning wave raised the water level 1.8 to 2.4m above normal sweeping into the lower parts of the town destroying houses. On the higher land it came up to 7.6 to 9.1m. At Buff Bay the sea receded some distance from the land. At Port Maria the sea withdrew 25.6m. At Ocho Rios near St.Anns's Bay the sea withdrew 69m.

  • June 7, 1692 Tsunami

    Port Royal, Earthquake and subsidence destroyed the city. Ships overturned, frigate washed over tops of buildings. along the coast of Liguanea (possibly Liguanea Plain) the sea withdrew 183 or 274m, exposing the bottom; upon returning the water overflowed the greater part of the shore. At Yallhouse (possibly Yallahs) the sea is said to have retired about 1.6km. At Saint Anns Bay a large wave was reported. 2000 people killed by the earthquake and tsunami. Berninghausen, 1968; Heck, 1947; Mallet, 1853

    Source: https://goo.gl/kYBBEA