• Hurricane Ivan 2004

    The Jamaica situation after hurricane Ivan points to an event that while being
    geographically limited in scope affected in different ways to whole of the country. The event’s
    direct damage and indirect losses amount to 8% of the country’s current GDP in 2003 (almost
    36,000 million Jamaican dollars or 580 million of US dollars).

  • Hurricane Michelle 2001

    Between 28 October and 5 November 2001, heavy -and at times violent- rains fell over Jamaica, particularly in its northeastern parishes. The heavy rainfall during this period was a direct result of the development of Hurricane Michelle. It is noteworthy that the majority of this rainfall fell during the early developmental stages of Hurricane Michelle, and not during its latter stages as it passed west of the island. In addition, it was during this period that the most intense rainfall fell across the northeastern parishes.

  • Hurricane Mitch 1998

    Mitch caused terrible rains. At its closest to Jamaica Mitch was approximately 255 kilometres south of the western tip of the island. This did not stop it in any way from washing the island from east to west particularly on Sunday October 25, 1998. Many roads were flooded and

  • Hurricane Gilbert 1988

    The storm made its first landfall on the east coast of Jamaica at 10:00 am on Monday, September 12. As it began its passage over the island the eye measured about 15 miles across. Wind speeds averaging 75 mph gusting to 127 mph, were recorded in the Kingston Metropolitan Area. As the eye exited western Jamaica at 6 p.m., it intensified further (888mb) and was identified as a Category 5 Hurricane, the most severe.